Cognos Analytics Data Refresh Schedules & Maintenance Window

During non-business hours, CIS refreshes data and may perform system maintenance.

You should not schedule or subscribe to a report during the times on this page, as the run may fail or not run at all.

Tip: As a suggestion, schedule or subscribe to reports after 8:00 AM to avoid the data refresh schedules and maintenance windows. Your reports will likely be ready for you when you start your day at 8:30 AM.

Maintenance Window

This is when CIS reserves to take Cognos Analytics Production offline for maintenance. CIS is not usually performing maintenance during these times.

When planned maintenance will result in an outage, CIS will email you ahead of time.

Users Affected


Impact on Records

All users

Sundays: 5 AM–Noon

Weekdays:  5 AM–8 AM

Saturdays: 3:30 AM–8 AM

While maintenance is being performed, reports or jobs scheduled during this window will fail or not run.


Data Refresh Schedules

The following table lists the windows when CIS refreshes data sources used by Cognos Analytics Production. These occur regularly—CIS will not notify you each time they run.

Use the table below to determine when to avoid scheduling reports to run for the package(s) you report against.

Tip: You can determine what package your report uses in the report properties, on the Report tab under Source. 

Users Affected


Reporting packages affected

ScheduleRun time

During this window, schedules and subscriptions will...

25Live reporting users

Event SchedulingEvent Scheduling*

4:30 AM (except Saturdays)
3:00 AM on Saturdays

1 minrun, but data may be inaccurate or incomplete

*Note: This includes ODS data items in certain query subjects. Reports with these data items are affected by the ODS (Banner) Refresh and ODS (Banner) Load windows below.

Academic Technology Reports usersSee the following windows on this page:
  • Event Scheduling
  • ODS (Banner) Refresh
  • ODS (Banner) Load
Academic Technology services

Brown Card Entrance Activity folder usersC-CURE transactions loadC-CURE Transactions2nd day of the month at 2:00 AM5 minrun, but data may be inaccurate or incomplete
Person Information loadC-CURE TransactionsMonday–Saturday at 3:30 AM3 minrun, but data may be inaccurate or incomplete

Coeus reporting users

Coeus Load

•Conflict of Interest
•Lab Animals
•Sponsored Projects
11:00 PM–midnight
60 min

be terminated or not run

Faculty Affairs Reports UsersWorkday Academics Load

•Faculty Appointments

4:30 AM daily2 min

run, but data may be inaccurate or incomplete

Banner reporting users

ODS (Banner) Refresh

•Accounts Receivable*


•Continuing Education*

•Course Evaluation

•Course Proposal

•Course Proposal (Departmental)

•Event Scheduling (only certain query subjects include ODS data)


•Faculty Appointments (course offering data)

•Financial Aid*


•GSIM Post 2015


•Registration Override Requests*


•Student (Departmental)

Sunday–Friday at 11:00 PM3.5 hrs

be terminated or not run

ODS (Banner) LoadSaturday at 5:00 PM9 hours

be terminated or not run

*NOTE: Packages with an asterisk also contain Banner real-time data, which is refreshed every 30 minutes (:15 and :45 minutes past the hour). This does not adversely affect scheduled reports and can be ignored when you specify a schedule run time.

InfoEd Security Reports UsersInfo Ed Security ETLInfoEd Security3:00 AM daily6 minutes


Why don't I see a data refresh schedule for my package?

Some packages are not refreshed because:

  • they report directly against live Production data
  • the data does not change, like historical data from legacy systems

See Package Data Sources & Refresh Schedules for details about a specific package.

Data Refresh Schedules for Non-Production Environments

If you work in Cognos Analytics QA or Development, see data refresh schedules for non-production environments.

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