Cisco 7841: View and Clear Call History

View History

To view missed, placed, or received calls, press the “Applications” button and select Call History.  The last 150 calls display. To sort to view only missed calls, press the “Missed” Calls softkey. 

To dial from Call History, scroll to a call press the “Select” button in the Navigation pad, or the “Call” softkey.  Press “EditDial” if you need to edit the number to add an outside line number or long distance access code.

To view details for a call, highlight the call and press the “Details” softkey.

Clear History 

From the Call History screen, you can clear the history by selecting “All Calls”, or just the call you would like to delete.  Press “Clear” (you may need to press the “More” softkey first). Press “Delete” to delete the Call History list, or press “Cancel” to go back to the Call History screen.


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