Cisco 7841: Conference


Use the Conference feature when you want to connect multiple callers.


  1. While on a call, press the “Conference” key. 
  2. Enter a participant’s phone number.
  3. After the phone begins to ring, press the “Conference” key again to begin the conference call. You can also use the soft keys to initiate and connect a conference call.
  4. The conference begins and the phone displays “Conference” instead of caller ID. Repeat the steps to add more participants. 


Join Calls

When you want to combine existing calls that are already on your phone (connected or holding), use the Join feature.

  1. While on a call, select the second call on hold and press the “Join” softkey (you may need to press the “More” softkey first).  If you have more than one line, the join feature can also be used to conference two calls on two separate lines. 

Remember, if you place a conference call on hold, all members of the conference call may hear hold music. Use the mute button instead.

Remove Participants

To view and remove conference participants during a conference, press the “Details” softkey. To remove a participant from the call, highlight a name and press “Remove”.

The conference ends when all participants hang up.



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