Change Your Preferred Name in Brown Systems

For legal name changes, see our article Change Your Legal Name in Brown Systems.

If your name change or nickname is not legal, you can still use a preferred name in many Brown systems. If you are a student with a sensitive name change related to gender,  Student Support Services or the LGBTQ Center can advise and assist you with other steps, for example, informing faculty of your preferred name.  

This name will be used on class rosters and other places where your name is accessible to the public. The chosen first name may be used on your transcript if you indicate that you wish to have it used in lieu of your legal name.

1. First, change your preferred name with the office of record for your primary affiliation at Brown:

  • Enrolled Students: Change your name by logging into Self-Service Banner.  Once in Banner, select the Personal Information link and then choose the My Name tab. The chosen (or preferred) first name may only be changed and/or deleted once per semester if you are an actively enrolled degree-seeking student. The last name cannot be altered from whatever legal last name is on file with the Registrar.
    • The name that appears on your diploma is assigned when fill out your application to graduate. For undergraduates who do not fill out the application in time, the preferred name will be used on your transcript.
  • Faculty/staff: Change your name in Workday -  under Personal Information, choose Preferred Name, and edit your name as needed
  • Sponsored IDs (Brown affiliates): Change your name in MyAccount -  on the Profile page enter in a preferred first and last name.
  • Pre-College Summer Students: Please email to have your name updated

2. Once you have confirmed that the office above has changed your preferred name, submit an Access Request form with a Email Alias.

This step will create a new  email address to match your preferred name/chosen name.   Your legal name will still be your main email address.  The alias delivers to that same inbox and can be given out in place of your legal name email address.  You can also send as the email alias and update the display name.  

If you wish to formally change your preferred name officially in all systems permanently, please send an email to This cannot be done for nicknames and only applies to lived name changes that intend to be permanent.



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