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Analyze Survey Data in Tableau

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Survey data is interesting to visualize. But the way it's structured requires reshaping the data to make it easy to work with Tableau. We've assembled some resources to help you.

Using Qualtrics to gather survey responses?

If you're capturing survey results with Qualtrics, use the Qualtrics-Tableau Integration.

 It allows you to connect Tableau Desktop directly to Qualtrics to prepare the data for use in Tableau and to gather and view data in real-time. As new survey responses come in, your data source is automatically updated with the new responses. 

Recommended reading:
Visualizing Survey Data with Qualtrics’ Web Data Connector, on the Data Revelations blog, does a good job explaining why you need the Qualtrics-Tableau Integration and how to use it. 

Tableau Support

Data Revelations Blog

Multiple resources on visualizing survey data from Steven Wexler (white paper, Tableau conference presentation, examples, techniques)

Tableau Prep

Quick tips for preparing survey data in Tableau Prep.

(Tableau Prep Builder is available to Tableau Desktop licensed users.)

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