Watch Lynda Courses in Workday

About Lynda Courses in Workday

All individual courses on have been loaded into Workday Learning. Completing a Lynda course in Workday will put it on your Workday transcript. Courses open in a pop-up window; the page will prompt you to enable pop-ups.

If you prefer not to have a course on your Workday transcript, or if you prefer the viewing experience at or in the Lynda mobile app, you can watch the course in Lynda instead.

If you want a course on your Workday transcript but already watched it at or on the mobile app, you can simply find the course in Workday and watch the end of the last video of the course. You may also choose to do this if you prefer the viewing experience at

Learning Paths are not available in Workday Learning, but if you complete a path, you can get the individual courses on your Workday transcript by following the instructions in the preceding paragraph.

How to Watch a Lynda Course in Workday Learning

  1. Log into Workday
  2. Select Learning
  3. Select Search for Available Learning
  4. Use the search bar under Search for Available Learning to search for the course title.

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