View the Change Request Dashboard

To give business users and Deskpro agents visibility into Business Service Change Requests, a Change Request Dashboard (login required) is available to staff. 


When you open the dashboard, default filters are applied.


Use filters to limit your request results.


You can search for a keyword(s) in data across available dashboard columns (Subject, Category, Submitted by, and so on).  

Choose Columns to Display

To select (or deselect) a column to appear in your results, click a Toggle column. Grey indicates a selected column.

View Request Details

Click a request in the results (any column value) to view a request details.

NOTE: Request communication (replies and notes) does not appear in this interface. 

Open a Request in Deskpro

If you are a Deskpro agent, you will see an icon you can click to open the request in Deskpro. 

Questions or Suggestions?

Email with questions or suggestions.

If you're having a problem with the Change Request Dashboard, open a support request

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