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Using the Pages Tool in Canvas

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Creating a new page in Canvas

How to Create a new Page in Canvas:

You can create pages in Canvas to provide your students with course content, media, links, and other content.

  1. Log in to Canvas at
  2. Select a course in the Global Navigation menu on the left
  3. Click Pages in the Course Navigation menu
  4. Click + Page. Click View All Pages if +Page does not appear
  5. Enter the name of the page and add content
  6. Click Save to save the page and publish it later. Click Save & Publish to save the page and make it viewable to students immediately
  7. Click View All Pages to view a list of pages previously created

Using Text Editor to Add Content to Pages

You can use the Text Editor to:

  • Insert media uploading audio or video
  • Link any word or phrase to an external URL
  • Embed an external image by pasting its URL or choosing a picture from Flickr creative commons
  • Insert an equation with a wide variety of symbols
  • Insert media from Media Library
  • Embed video from a website, like YouTube

How to Use Text Editor to Add Content to Pages:

  1. Navigate to the video you would like to embed
  2. Click Share
  3. Click Embed and copy the code
  4. Return to Canvas
  5. Click HTML Editor at the top of the Rick Text Editor to view the HTML code
  6. Paste the code
  7. Click Save to see your video on your final page
Note: At any point while creating a new page you can rename it or delete it. You can hide the page from students and select which users have permission to edit the page. Return to Pages at any time to edit your pages.

How to Set a Front Page:

  1. Click Pages in the Course Navigation menu on the left 
  2. Click View All Pages on the top left to see pages you have previously created
  3. Click a page's Edit icon (e.g., three dots/ kebab icon) and select Use as Front Page in the menu
Note: A page has to be published in order to be set as a Front Page. A Front Page cannot be Unpublished.
  1. Your Front Page is indicated by a gray Front Page tag.
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