Use the SSH Gateway

The Brown SSH Gateway allows SSH command line access to other SSH hosts within Brown. This gateway is designed to provide command line access in lieu of the Brown VPN solution that does not support the Linux command line.


# ssh

This will log you into the gateway, validate your login with DUO 2-factor, then ask you for a Fully Qualified Domain Name. An example of a FQDN would be:

You will then authenticate to the destination server based on it’s configuration.



# ssh -t -- -d

This will log you into the gateway and attempt to pass you to the destination system. DUO 2-factor will auto-push to your device. Once you have completed 2-factor you will be forwarded to the destination system to login. 

Options explained:

  • -t : SSH may need to force pseudo-terminal allocation when using Direct mode.
  • --: End of SSH options
  • -d: Destination option. Used by the gateway script 



# ssh -t -- -d -c “ls \-l”

-c: Command option. Following string is a command to be run on the destination server.

“ls \-l”: Example command. In quotes with “-” options escaped by forward slash.


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