Upload a Syllabus to coursetools.brown.edu

***In order for a syllabus to be viewed in cab.brown.edu, please follow the directions listed below.***


  1. Visit http://coursetools.brown.edu  (NOTE: While it will work temporarily, courses.brown.edu is the old address.)
  2. Click the Login button for the group with which you associate.
    • You may be prompted to enter your username and password
  3. Subjects will be shown by default for the current semester
    • Choose the subject for which you need to request tools or upload a syllabus
    • You should now see a list of all courses for that subject
    • Choose the course
    • You should now see the Course Title, Instructor and Course Description at the top of the page
    • Under Course Description, you will see Syllabus Upload and the six tool requests

  4. To upload a Word or PDF, select the "Upload A File" button
    • Find the file on your computer and click the "Open" button
    • Now press the "Add Syllabus" button
    • When successful, you will see an "Access Syllabus" link

Edit/Replace/Remove your Syllabus

If you need to update your syllabus, you must do so from coursetools.brown.edu.

  1. Log in to courses.brown.edu and find the course
  2. Click Remove Syllabus button
  3. Within a few seconds, the file is removed.
  4. Click Upload Syllabus to add a new file.
  5. The link to this new file will be added to cab.brown.edu within 30 mins.

Want to add your Syllabus to your Canvas site? View our Canvas Course Set-up Checklist for details.

Please reach out to Digital Learning & Design with questions. 

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