Top Hat Instructor Guide

Brown now has an official partnership with Top Hat Classroom as the university’s centrally supported in-class polling solution.  Top Hat’s interactive, cloud-based teaching platform leverages student’s devices to increase in-class engagement and get real-time feedback. 

Getting Started

  • Top Hat has provided a Course Setup Guide to walk you through creating your Instructor account and course. 
  • After you have done so, their Quick Start Guide will take you through the basics of using Top Hat for your course.
  • Top Hat has provided video instruction on Taking Attendance.
  • If you are transitioning from using iClicker, this video on using the Presenter Tool may be helpful, as it approximates the functionality of iClicker.

More Information

  • If you are interested in using Top Hat, but are concerned that your students may not have access to a device, we can make one available to them through the IT Service Center. Feel free to email Digital Learning & Design with any questions.
  • Digital Learning & Design and Top Hat are committed to accessible and universal learning experiences. Contact Digital Learning & Design to discuss how Top Hat can make your course more universal or help you meet the needs of students who request accommodations.
  • Top Hat also offers  other features, such as digital textbooks, quizzing, and assignments. If you are interested in exploring these features, please email Digital Learning & Design.

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