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The Default UFunds Workflow

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While the default workflow has eleven statuses in all, only a few of those have meaning to UFunds. The rest are available for approvers to use to support their own application process. The following statuses are key to how UFunds works:

  • In-progress: An application that has been saved, but not yet submitted for review is “In-progress.” It is the equivalent of a “draft” state. Applications that are “In-progress” are normally hidden from approvers.
  • Submitted: Once the applicant finishes the application and submits it for approval, it will have the “Submitted” status. At this point, UFunds sends a notification to grant managers and approvers, and the application will be visible on Approve > Applications
    Once the applicant submits the application, he will no longer be able to edit it.
  • Revisions Requested: If an application has gaps or errors that need to be corrected, the approver can set the status to “Revisions Requested.” This will also give the approver an opportunity to indicate what changes are needed, which UFunds will send the applicant. Applications that are “Revisions Requested” are editable by the applicant. They will remain visible to approvers on the Approve > Applications screen.
  • Approved and Not Selected: These are the two end states an application may reach. When selected, UFunds will give the approver an opportunity to notify the applicant of the decision right away. For approved applications of financial awards, the assigned Financial Administrator will also be notified to process the payment.
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