Technology Resources for Student Groups

Using Brown services has many advantages over consumer services (like, website hosting, surveymonkey). They are free, safer than some alternatives, and it’s easier to transfer ownership as members of your group graduate.

Google Shared Mailbox

      What is it? An official inbox for your group. You decide who has access to read and respond to the emails.

●      Why get one? Looks more legit than a address. If everyone in your group graduates, it’s still possible for the incoming students in your group to get access. You can also make the address the owner of your Google docs and sites, so they live on with the group after you graduate.

●      How to request: - check off “Google Shared Mailbox” and put in a staff member from Student Life as the approver


Google Group

●      What is it? One email address that sends emails to everyone in your group. You could use it for your core team or as an interest list. You manage the membership.

●      Why get one? It’s way easier than having to type everyone’s name to email the group. You can also use it for calendar invites and to share Google docs, and you won’t have to remember to add new members to events/docs, just add them to the group.

●      How to request: - check off “Google Group” and put in a staff member from Student Life as the approver



●      What is it? An official website for your group.

●      Why get one? It’s free and really easy to update. You won’t have to scramble to find a web developer every year, you won’t have to pay for outside hosting, and you won’t lose access to your site if someone graduates.

●      How to request:


Surveys: Google Forms and Qualtrics

●      What is it? Google Forms is a super easy way to set up a survey or signup form. You can make it anonymous or automatically collect Brown email address. Qualtrics is a bit more complex but really powerful.

●      Why use it? Don’t let non-Brown services like SurveyMonkey get your data! These are just as easy to use and more powerful.

●      How to request: Everyone at Brown has access to both. Create a form from, sign in to Qualtrics at


Loaner Equipment

●      What is it? Laptops, video and web cameras, and projectors are available at the IT Service Center.

●      Why use it? Want to record your event? Need a projector for a meeting? Want to host a Google Hangout on Air Q&A? Having good equipment can help make it a success.

●      How to request: Stop by the IT Service Center in the lobby of the CIT building (115 Waterman St.)


Zoom Web Conferencing

●      What is it? An online platform for hosting virtual meetings, presentations, trainings, or impromptu video chat.

●      Why use it? Maybe it’s a snowy day and you don’t want to leave your room, or it might be an easy way to briefly review plans before a big event. 

●      How to request: You already have access, see instructions at


PASS Trainings

●      What is it? The PASS program is led by undergraduates who teach classes for undergraduates on topics including Adobe Creative Suite, productivity software, video editing, web development, and more.

●      Why use it? Training can help your group better leverage the resources available at Brown and learn programs to keep your student group organized (like FileMaker) or attractive (like Illustrator for poster design).

●      How to request: For more information and a link to the class calendar, see You can also email to request a tailored training for your student organization.

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