Tableau Server Publisher Responsibilities

Who Can Publish to Tableau Server

To publish content to Tableau Server you must have:

  1. Tableau Desktop (an assigned Brown license or a Tableau for Students license)
  2. The following in Tableau Server, set by the Business Intelligence:
    1. A site role of "Explorer (can publish)" 
    2. Publisher permissions to a Tableau Server project(s)

Your Responsibilities

As a publisher, it is your responsibility to safeguard university data.

In light of this important responsibility, we want to remind you of Brown's computing policies—especially the following you agreed to when you were hired.

Are your project viewers allowed to see data you publish?

You are responsible to ensure users you share data visualizations with have the authority to view the data you publish.

Publisher and Viewer Groups

Viewers view and interact with the content you publish to Tableau Server. Publishers are Tableau Desktop licensed users who create and publish content to a Tableau Server Project.

You should never add a user who does not have a Tableau Desktop license to a publisher group. 

When you aren't sure who is allowed to see your data...

  • Contact the Business Intelligence Team ( We can help triage your data access question to the right the data owner(s) to provide an answer.
  • Contact the Data Governance committee. This is the go-to authority to clarify questions on data permissions.

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