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The projects below contain data visualizations and dashboards published to Tableau Server. Project content is shared securely with specific people or groups.

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Academic Analytics

Reports from Academic Analytics for senior administration.

Biomed Faculty Administration

Dashboards for Office of Biomed Faculty Administration, Office of Women in Medicine and Science, and Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. Biology, Medical and Clinical faculty counts and demographics, relevant industry data, compensation.

Jordan Mishkin

Biomed Faculty Analysis

Dashboards focused on campus-based Biomed faculty (demographics, sponsored research, teaching, scholarly activity, compensation).

John Umbel

Biomed Finance and Planning

Dashboards for Office of Biomed Finance and Planning. Financial data visualizations: budget, actuals, compensation, commitments.

John Umbel

Biomed Research Administration

Dashboards for Office of Biomed Research Administration. Sponsored research visualizations: proposals, awards, expenditures. Analysis by department, sector, sponsor, etc. Grant forecasting output.

Rebecca Martish

Biomed Sponsored Projects Activity

Dashboards for Biomed Department Managers and Chairs. Sponsored research visualizations by department: proposals, awards, expenditures.

Rebecca Martish

Biomed Teaching Data

Dashboards to display Biomed teaching activity using data from FIS (Workday Academics), Banner, and Medical School database.

Biomed Faculty Affairs

Brown Building Maps

This project contains Brown building maps and map data that Tableau Desktop licensed users can download and enhance with their own data courtesy of Facilities Management.

Scott Lloyd

Brown Transportation and Card Services

Dashboards for the Brown Transportation and Card Services department.

Brown University Sports Camps

This project contains visualizations for Brown University Summer Sports Camps. The Department of Athletics, in conjunction with the School of Professional Studies (SPS), offers summer sports camps for young athletes.

These visualizations help keep varsity coaches, their staff, current Brown athletes, and SPS staff keep informed with the current enrollment and status of the young athletes in the various sports.

Brown-RISD Institutional Research

Visualizations pertaining to joint efforts in institutional research between Brown and RISD.

Committee on Academic Standing

Content developed by the Business Intelligence Team for the Committee on Academic Standing.

Maitrayee Bhattacharyya

Data Cookbook

Dashboards for tracking the creation and approval of definitions in the Data Cookbook. Usage statistics are also provided.

Data Science Team

For content published by members of the Data Science team. 

Andras Zsom

Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Dashboards for Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior staff about faculty, including current summaries and historical counts and demographics.

John Umbel

Digital Education Analytics

Content related to the use of academic technology.

Catherine Zabriskie

Economics Deskpro Requests

Deskpro dashboards for the Department of Economics

Endpoint Engineering

Data visualizations for the CIS Endpoint Engineering team.

Facilities Management Administration

Work order management trends, including preventive and reactive maintenance.

Scott Lloyd

Faculty Activity

Published faculty activity dashboards.

Faculty Affairs

Visualizations created by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to share faculty data.

Financial Aid

Project folder for Financial Aid staff

Graduate School Administration

Visualizations for Graduate School staff.

Graduate Student Information

Information on Graduate Students from various sources.


Student support services metrics.

Roland Hall

IT Service Center

Deskpro request dashboards

Don Rogers

Library Brown Card Transactions

Visualizations of C-CURE card transactions for Library card readers.

Wendi Lewis

Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity

For content shared within the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity.

Tim Harrigan

Office of Institutional Research - Provost Dashboards

Dashboards created by the Office of Institutional Research for the Provost.

Office of Institutional Research Shared

Content created by the Office of Institutional Research shared with specific users.

OIR - Admission

Dashboards created by the Office of Institutional Research for the Office of College Admission.

Rankings Committee

Dashboards showing US News and other higher education rankings for Brown and peer schools.

School of Professional Studies

Dashboards and reports for the School of Professional Studies and their partners throughout Brown University. This includes Executive Master’s Programs, Summer Session, Pre-College Programs, and Sports Camps.

School of Public Health

Quarterly financial data by Principal Investigator and School of Public Health Department.

Michelle Loxley

Sponsored Projects Activity

Sponsored Project information relating to proposal, awards and expenditures.

Mike Enos

Student Accessibility ServicesData visualizations for Student Accessibility Services staff.Jesus Remigio
Undergraduate AdmissionVisualizations for The Office of College Admission.Allison McMaster

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