TA and Course Designer Roles & Permissions

Teaching Assistants for your course have special roles and permissions on Canvas as either TAs or Course Designers. TAs must be graduate students. Course Designers can be undergraduate or graduate students or staff members. You can add these user types to your Canvas site yourself.

TAs and Course Designers share the following permissions:

  • Add, edit, and delete pages
  • Add, edit, and delete course files
  • Add, edit, and delete assignments and quizzes
  • Add, edit, and delete events in the course calendar
  • Change the course state, also known as Publishing the course
  • Post to, edit and delete discussions
  • Post announcements
  • Create web conferences
  • View a list of all users
  • Create, edit, and delete groups
  • View pages for all student groups

TAs have the following additional permissions not available for Course Designers:

  • View and comment on all student submissions
  • Send messages to the entire class
  • Send messages to individual course members
  • View and edit grades
  • View course analytics

TAs, Course Designers, and Teachers are not permitted to add or remove students or Auditors to or from the course.

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