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Suggestions for what kind of event to organize

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In Fall 2021 we returned to campus for teaching and learning and for some events. Frequently events and meetings are conducted in a variety of modalities. Here some suggestions from Media Services

When to keep it virtual:

  • If majority of the audience will be remote (eg. less than 10 people in person with 50+ online)
  • If all presenters or all but 1 presenters are remote (with some exceptions)
  • More audience anticipates being remote than in person
  • There is collaboration with multiple individuals all residing in different locations that require real-time communication.

When to make it hybrid:

  • There are several presenters on site and one or two that can not be in person for a particular reason (no need / desire to travel, health reasons, scheduling conflicts, etc..)
  • Someone on site at Brown is interviewing or speaking to a remote presenter with the majority of the audience on site at a Brown venue.
  • There is collaboration with distant group(s) of people in a location(s) that requires real-time interaction with a group of people on-site at Brown.

When to use simulcast:

  • Anticipated registration exceeds the capacity of the Brown venue and no larger space is available and multiple locations on the Brown campus can be utilized.

When to use livestream:

  • There is a need to provide viewing access to the event to a wider, public audience
  • There is desire to deliver viewing to multiple platform (ie. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter) simultaneously.
  • Anticipated registration far exceeds the capacity of the Brown venue and no other spaces for simulcasting are viable.
  • There is a need to provide a high quality live video broadcast restricted to the Brown community and accessible to community members who need to be remote.

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