Students: Make a Declaration Editable in ASK

There are times when you cannot edit your declaration. The following are some reasons that might happen, along with what you can do to fix the problem.

The declaration is in a "Pending" state: When a declaration is submitted for review, it goes into a "Pending" state, when the student is not allowed to make changes.

Solution: Contact your advisor and have the declaration returned to you with revisions requested. You will then be able to edit the declaration again.

There is another declaration in progress: This only applies to students who are dual concentrators. One of the rules in ASK is that students can only have one declaration in progress. If you start work on one declaration and realize that edits need to be made in another, you'll need to either get your first declaration's changes approved or abandon them by deleting the new version.

Solution: There are three options in a case like this. One is to have the declaration you're working on approved. Second, you can put the current declaration “on hold.” You can then return to that declaration when you’re finished with the other one. Finally, you can delete the declaration you're working on. Any of these options will get that declaration out of it's "in progress" state and you can edit your other declaration.

Cannot drop a declaration if there is only one: Once you have an approved declaration, you cannot go back to an undeclared state. Dropping a declaration is thus only possible if you are a multiple concentrator.

Solution: You shouldn't actually drop a declaration in this case. What you most likely want to do instead is click on the "Change" button for the declaration you have. You can then change the concentration, degree and track along with anything else you want. Once approved, this new declaration will replace your current one.

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