Shared Mailboxes, Delegate Access, and Contacts

As of Winter 2018, the Google Mail application no longer allows delegated users of shared mailboxes to manage the contacts associated with those shared account. 

Instructions for the limited functionality that does exist is detailed below:

  1. Access the mailbox of  the delegated account
  2. Compose a new email
  3.  Click on the word "To" --- This will open up a window
  4. You will see "My Contacts" of the shared account display, with the option to click on the dropdown to see other Contact Groups

You can then select specific contacts and create a new Group. However, you are unable to edit existing contacts or Groups as a delegated user.

With new contacts added, you can then add these contacts to a new email. If you need to edit the contact after it is added, you can edit the email address in the draft email itself.

If someone has access to the password of the shared mailbox, they will have full access to edit contacts. If you have questions about shared mailboxes, please contact the Computing Accounts & Passwords office at or 401-863-4357.

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