Set Up Wifi Calling on an Android

Many models and carriers support wifi calling when in low reception areas. If your phone and plan support it, here's how to set it up.

Depending on your Android device, the option to enable wifi calling might be in a different part of your phone's settings. Here are some possible locations:

  • Settings > Advanced Calling
  • Settings > More > Advanced Calling
  • Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Advanced Calling
  • Settings > Wireless and Network Settings > More or More Networks
  • Settings > Networks > Call

Still can't find it? Look at the top of the settings page - some versions have a search bar. If yours does, you can search for "Wi-Fi Calling."

After enabling the wifi calling setting, you may be able to indicate whether you prefer to use wi-fi by default even if a cellular network is present, or if you prefer to only use wifi if no cellular network is present.

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