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Set Canvas Homepage

Canvas offers many different options for designing your home page, which is the first page students will see when they enter your course.

  1. Log in to Canvas at
  2. Click Courses in the Global Navigation menu, then select your course.
  3. Click Choose Home Page on the right.
  4. Select one of the options available in the Choose Home Page menu.

    Set the Course’s home page to:
    • Syllabus to show the syllabus page with the description of the course and a calendar view of assignments and course events.
    • Assignments List to show assignments for the course, with upcoming and recent assignments featured at the top.
    • Course Modules to show the modules or sections into which the course is divided.
    • Course Activity Stream to show a list of recent changes, updates, and announcements made in the course.
    • Pages Front Page to show a page you created using the Rich Content Editor tool. You can use text, content, media, and links to create an interactive and instructive page.
      Note: Canvas will ask you to set a Front Page before you can choose the Pages Front Page option.

Set a Front Page

  1. Click Pages in the Course Navigation menu on the left to view all of your pages. 
  2. Click a page's Edit icon and select Use as Front Page in the menu.
    Note: A page has to be published in order to be set as a Front Page. A Front Page cannot be Unpublished.
  3. Your Front Page is indicated by a gray Front Page tag.

Click here to learn how to create an interactive and instructive home page using images, text, and links.

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