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Secure Your Mobile Device

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Here are five things you can do right now to ensure your mobile device is secure:

1. Lock it: Secure your device(s) with a strong password, pattern or biometric authentication.
More tips & info: Check your device’s settings for screen lock options.

2. Install anti-malware: Some include features that let you do auto-back-ups and track your device.
More tips & info:

3. Maintain your privacy: When browsing, go incognito.  When searching, use an engine that doesn’t track you.
More tips & info:,  and Configure Incognito Browsing

4. Install Brown’s VPN client for when you’re away from Brown’s network.
More tips & info: Brown' VPN Service

5. Check your Bluetooth and GPS settings:  Disable them when not needed and avoid using in public areas.

Other Recommendations

1. Keep them current:  Install OS and app updates when they become available.

2. Phone Apps: Periodically take an inventory of your apps. Remove those you don’t use and take care when adding new ones. Be selective when buying or installing new apps. Install only those from trusted sources. Read the reviews. Steer clear of those that want unnecessary access to your personal information (e.g., contacts, photos, location).

3. Travel Tips: Prep your device(s) for the trip. For laptops, travel light.  Remove personal information and confidential materials or use encryption (Bitlocker/Win, FileVault 2/Macs).  Password-lock auto-encrypts iPhones; Android users should manually enable encryption, since these are more apt to be lost or stolen. Encrypt thumbdrives as well if containing sensitive information.

More tips & info: Prepare Your Mobile Device for Traveling and Prepare Your Laptop for Traveling,

4. Treat them like cash: Don’t let it out of your site or grasp. Maintain physical control of your device in public areas.  Get a lock (alarmed is best) for your laptop and use it.

5. Disposal Tips:  If Brown-owned, follow all policies and recommendations for safe and secure disposal. If a personal device, wipe the hard drive / memory card and recycle according to local e-waste regulations 

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