Secure Your iPhone or iPad

Here are some of our favorite tips for securing your iOS phone or tablet.

We also recommend checking out the Learning iPhone and iPad Security Lynda course for more ideas.


The #1 step you can take is to use a passcode (or swipe pattern, fingerprint, password). Yes, it's one extra step. But someone who picks up an unprotected phone not only can not only make calls and flip through your photos, but they can also plug it into a computer and download all your content. Plus, if they have access to your email and phone, chances are they could easily reset your bank passwords, among other things!

Find Your Phone

  • Setting up your iOS device with iCloud is beneficial for locating your phone if it it's missing, as well as remotely wiping all data if it's definitely stolen. Check out the features here.
  • Relatedly, if you lose your phone inside your own home (we've all done that, right?) you can use the Play a Sound feature to find it, even if your ringer is off. If you think it might be in a public place, you can put the phone in Lost Mode to display a message and allow a potential good samaritan to get in touch.

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