Search Your Mail and Google Drive by Size

Brown's Google Apps service provides unlimited storage for email and Google Drive. If  you feel like keeping things clean, you can find big files in your mail and drive using the following instructions.


  1. Open the Advanced Search by clicking the triangle on the inner right of the search box at the top of your email.

  2. You'll see an option to enter a size in the Advanced Search. You might want to start with 15 MB - if you don't find enough results, decrease the number and try again.

  3. Once you delete emails, they will be automatically removed from your trash after 30 days. You can also empty your trash manually.


  1. At, look near the bottom of the left column for the text listing the amount of GB you are using
  2. Hover your mouse over this line
  3. A box will pop up with a breakdown of mail, drive, and photos usage
  4. Click the word Drive in this popup to see a list of your files sorted by size, largest first.
  5. Delete any unnecessary files and remove them from the Trash in order to lower your used space.

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