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Schedule a Zoom Meeting on Behalf of Someone

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Scheduling a meeting on behalf of someone else is possible in Zoom.  The Zoom account holder who wants to have their meetings scheduled by another individual will need to follow the basic steps in this article in their own Zoom account.

Create Accounts:

The Zoom meeting host and Zoom meeting scheduler will both need active Zoom accounts.  

Assign Privileges:

The Host assigns Zoom scheduling privileges to the person they intend to schedule for them (such as an executive assistant, hiring coordinator, etc.)


Assign the role by:

  1. Logging into Zoom at
  2. Select the Settings menu, located on the right hand sign of the screen.
  3. Find the Other section at the very end of the setting menu. You may have to scroll to the bottom.
  4. The Schedule Privileges menu is located under the Other section as looks as pictured belowZoom_-Schedule-a-Meeting-on-Behalf-of-So
  5. Click on the plus sign to assign a scheduler. The system will only allow you to pick a person who has a Brown Zoom account.  If the system does not allow you to assign them, most likely they need to activate their Zoom account.  If you have questions on whether or not a  user has a Zoom account, contact  The CAP office can verify if the user has a Zoom account. Note that by default, all active faculty, students, and staff have Zoom accounts by default.
  6. Once the name appears under the assign scheduling privileges section, the user now how the ability to schedule for you.   To remove a person later,  simply go back to this section and click the x by the scheduler's name.  

Note: Meetings will default to the selected meeting settings of the Host’s account and not what is selected in the schedulers meeting settings.  The scheduler’s meeting settings selections are  for their own Zoom meetings, if they were ever to host one themselves.

More details and a full overview for the Zoom Scheduler feature can be found in this knowledgebase article on the Zoom Support page.

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