Restore Emails from Your Postini Archive

If you accidentally delete emails in Google Mail, you can restore them in Postini:

  1. Search for the message(s) you would like to restore
  2. View the contents of emails by clicking the subject lines of emails that show up in search results
  3. If you would like the email to reappear in your Google Mailbox, click the Recover button. If you would like to restore multiple emails at once, you can check the checkboxes next to the emails and Recover Selected.

Note that when you Recover an email, it is forwarded to your email address and appears as an email from you, containing a quoted version of the original content.  If you have accidentally deleted large amounts of email, there may be other ways to restore your mail that will be easier to read in the future - contact your departmental computing support or the CIS Help Desk for assistance. 

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