Record the Month with a Qualtrics Survey Response

The month, day of the week, or other date information can be useful when reporting on your Qualtrics data. For example, if you're using your Qualtrics form to take questions or requests, you might want to know what month is the most active.

The way we've found to do this is a bit clunky, but it works!

This article assumes you have a basic knolwedge of Survey Flow. If not, here's Qualtrics' documentation about Survey Flow


  1. First, in your Survey Flow, create an Embedded Data variable and set it equal to the current date. In this case, we called the variable fulldate. We got the value on the right side by inserting Piped text > Date/Time > Current Date/Time and choosing the option in the format like January 1, 2017. You can either select from the menu or copy and paste the following embedded data code:

  2. Now that we have the current date with month name in an Embedded Data variable, we can use Branch Logic to check if it contains any of the month names - January, February, etc. Here's how that would look in our survey flow. You would repeat this for all 12 months. 

Now, if you can use the embedded data variable "month" to report on your month. Note that it will only show up for surveys taken after you put this in the Survey Flow.


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