Recommended Windows Computers

Recommendations for Students and personal purchases for Faculty/Staff

We recommend these minimum specifications for any Windows-based computer purchased for student use at Brown:

Recommendations for Brown Faculty/Staff purchases with Brown-administered funds

We recommend these minimum specifications for Dell Windows-based computers purchased with Brown-administered funds. This equipment will ensure effective performance for the expected life of the hardware, and will allow Brown IT support staff to provide service and support. Please refer to the Computer Purchase Policy for additional details on purchasing process and expectations.

  • Laptop models strongly preferred
  • Recommended models: Dell Latitude 7410 or Latitude 5410
  • Recommended configuration for new purchases:
    • Intel i7 CPU preferred
    • 16GB RAM
    • 256GB SSD
    • ProSupport Plus Dell extended warranty is recommended for all PC purchases and is already included with our most common Preselect models, including the Latitude 7410 and 5410 models
  • Additional models in the Dell Latitude (laptop), OptiPlex (desktop), and Precision (laptop/desktop) Dell lines are available for special use requirements
  • Your IT Support Staff can help provide purchasing quotes with higher-ed pricing using our Dell Premier service. This can include consideration of specialized requirements and configurations for specific task-based purposes.

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