Order Canon Toner or Staples for a Departmental Printer

There is no additional charge for toner. Be sure to keep an extra toner cartridge on hand. 

Be aware of unsolicited toner sales calls, toner is supplied in your contract. 

Please have your Equipment ID number available prior to following any of the steps below The Equipment ID Number can be found on the NECS tag on the front of your Canon: 

By Phone

  1. Call NECS at 1-800-321-NECS (6327).
  2. At the voice prompt greeting, please press ext. 1-7353 to reach Judy Souza, The Supplies Managers extention.
  3. Please advise Judy that you are calling from Brown University.  Judy will know exactly which type of toner you require and as long as the call is placed by 2:00 PM, your toner will ship the same day via UPS.  Also please advise Judy of the appropriate shipping address as she will confirm the address on record for your machine. 


  1. Visit http://www.necs.biz/office-solutions/order-supplies.
  2. Enter the Equipment ID, which is printed on the tag located on the front of your machine, as well as the other required fields on the page. In the "How may we help" field, include Model Numbers, Quantity, Supply Type and any additional information needed, then click Submit Form.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from NECS.


Problems placing service calls or ordering toner? Call the Office Equipment Program @ x3-1548.

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