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Nonverbal Feedback in Zoom

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Providing Nonverbal Feedback During Meetings (Attendees)

To provide nonverbal feedback to the host of the meeting:

  1. Join a Zoom meeting as a participant.
  2. Click the Participants button.
  3. Click one of the icons to provide feedback to the host. Click the icon again to remove it.
    Note: You can only have one icon active at a time.
    • Raise Hand / Lower Hand
    • yes
    • no
    • go slower
    • go faster
    • Additional icons are available by clicking the more button:
      • agree
      • disagree
      • clap
      • need a break
      • away

The icon will appear next to your name in the participants list.

Managing Nonverbal Feedback (Hosts)

Click the Participants button to see a list of participants and their nonverbal feedback.

In the participants list, you can view and manage feedback using these features:

  • If a participant clicked on a feedback icon, you'll see that icon beside their name.
  • The number above each feedback icon shows the how many participants have clicked on that icon.
  • If a participant clicked raise hand, you can lower their hand by hovering over their name and clicking Lower Hand.
  • Click clear all to remove all nonverbal feedback icons.
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