Managing Your Files in MyApps

If you have not already, please reference our IT article on how to connect to MyApps and download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for your device. 

OneDrive (Recommended)

  • Cloud-based multi-platform storage solution from Microsoft 
  • After connecting to MyApps for the first time, you will be automatically signed into OneDrive with your Brown account
  • Files stored in OneDrive can be accessed on any other device via the OneDrive app or the web
  • Known Folder Move (KFM) will enable redirection of the following folders: Desktop, Documents, Pictures

Home Folder (H: Drive)

  •  You may have been using your dedicated home folder for network file storage already (\\\HOMEyourusername) 
  • Your home folder will be automatically mapped upon connecting to MyApps and will contain files stored there by you manually or potentially redirected folders if you have ever logged into a Brown-managed computer with folder redirection enabled. 
  • Our recommendation is to move pertinent files out of your home folder and into OneDrive

Redirected Local Folder (macOS Only)

  • This method is extremely useful for accessing and/or migrating files from folders on your local pc to any of the 2 sources above.
  • Can only be utilized via the MRD app
  • Open the MRD app, select the "Workspaces" tab, right click on the connection of your choice (ex. MyApps: Core), click "edit", select the "Folders" tab, then click the "+" icon to choose a local folder to redirect during your next MyApps session.

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