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Manage the Membership of Your BrownGroups

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Viewing the Membership of a Group


Each group contains members who have a role or title in common with other members of the group. You can view the member names and see which members you can remove from the group. Please note that only members who have been manually added can be removed; all other members are maintained automatically with data from Banner or Workday.



Click on the name of a group in the left hand list to see the list of members for that group.  A black ‘X’ sign button indicates group members who can be removed.

View Information about a Member

Click on a member name to view that member’s department, title, and email address.

Add a Person to a Group

To Add a Person to a Group, begin typing the person’s name in the search box under ‘Add Members’.  

The search function will return a list of all people known to the system who match the name you entered. (Please note that this list may include people who are from outside of the Brown community.) Once added, the new group member will have all of the privileges associated with the group.  Click the blue plus sign button when you find the person you want to add.

Remove a Person from a Group


 Only people who have been manually added to the group using the Add a Person function described above can be removed. Once removed, a person’s privileges are automatically revoked for all group applications. Click on the black ‘X’ button to remove the person from the group.

Assign Admin Privileges

Double-click the  Administrators folder and click on the GroupsAdmins group to open the membership list. Start typing the person's name in the 'Add Members' column.   Add administrators the same way you would other group members.


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