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Manage Spam in Your Google Group

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About Spam in Google Groups

When the group receives an email which Google identifies as spam, it will be  held for review by group managers.  Spam sent to your group will NOT be routed to recipients' spam folders. 

The group manager(s) will receive an email with the subject line:

Moderator's spam report for [yourgroupaddress]

This email will contain the original message for your review. If the message is in fact spam, you do not have to take action. However, if the message has been incorrectly identified as spam, and you want it to be distributed to your group, you can follow the link in the spam notification in order to approve and release the message.

Please note that the Group's spam filter is independent from the spam filters in each individual mailbox.  In other words, a moderator may release a message from the Group's spam filter, but after being sent to the individual members of the group, the message may still get caught by each of their spam filters if it contains content which indicates it might be spam. 

Changing Group Spam Settings

If you are a group manager, you can change the way your group handles spam.

  1. Access your Google Group as described in the article Access a Google Group on the Web.
  2. Click the gear icon on the top right and choose Group Settings.
  3. On the left menu selection choose Settings, then Moderation.
  4. On the right, next to SPAM Messages select from the dropdown menu.
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