Manage Multiple Google Accounts

Do you have both a Brown (  and personal ( Google account? Here are some ways to manage multiple accounts.

Set up Multiple Users in Chrome

This is our favorite way! It just takes a second to set up and will allow you to have different Chrome browser windows open for different accounts.

Share with Yourself

If you want to see your personal appointments when you're logged into your Brown account, you can share your personal calendar with your address.  This lets you overlay your calendars and keep track of your whole schedule in one place.

You can also share Drive documents and other Google items from one account to another, but remember that your Brown account is more private and secure than your personal account, so we would recommend sharing personal items with the Brown account instead of the other way around.

Link Your Accounts

If  you want to access some basic services (like mail and calendar) for your other account in another tab, you could also link your accounts instead of using multiple Chrome profiles. When logged into your Brown Gmail, you can click your email address at the top right and click the Add Account button. This allows you to add an additional mail account, which you'll be able to open in another tab to read both accounts at once.  To access the second account, just click your email address again to see the list of all accounts.

However, this doesn't work for all services, so if you use many Google services, we'd recommend using multiple Chrome profiles instead. For example, if you visit Blogger, you will unable to switch to your personal account to maintain your blog. You also may be logged out of your second account from time to time, or it may disappear from the list.

Forward Selected Mail to Your Other Account

If you have a friend who insists on emailing you at your Brown address instead of your personal address, you can set up a filter to forward her mail to the right account. Open a message from your friend and follow these instructions to set up a filter which forwards to your personal address. Have a whole list of friends? You can also apply the same filter to multiple addresses

Use a Different Browser

You can always open each account in a different browser (e.g., Firefox or Safari). It's a less elegant solution than Chrome profiles, but works just as well.

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