Learn to Use Tableau

How can I get Tableau training?

There are a number of excellent FREE training and support resources on Tableau.

Resource Description
On Demand Videos

Watch recorded on demand videos at your own pace.

Recommended Roadmap

Start with these tutorials (2 to 20 minutes each), for a solid working knowledge to build visualizations and dashboards. As you become proficient, expand your skillset with additional tutorials.

Getting Started

  • Getting Started

Connecting to Data

  • Connecting to Data Basics
  • Using and Refreshing Extracts

Visual Analytics

  • Analyzing
  • Formatting
  • Parameters
  • Sorting
  • Grouping

Dashboards and Stories

  • Dashboard Development
  • Story Points
  • Sharing (includes focus on Tableau Server)

Mapping and Images

  • Basic Mapping

Calculations and Statistics

  • Introduction to Calculations

Take advantage of Brown's FREE Lynda.com site license. Check out these topics:

Live Online Training

Tableau offers live online training and regularly rotates through topics. 

Note: Advanced topics are best for someone who has taken Introductory training AND has some experience using Tableau.

Tableau Workshops

The University Library periodically holds hands-on workshops to introduce interested participants to the features of Tableau Desktop. Watch Morning Mail and the Library Calendar for information about when the next workshop is scheduled.


Tableau offers a number of well-written white papers to help you make effective visualizations.

Tableau Knowledge Base Tableau publishes articles in their Knowledge Base describing the problem and solution to customer support tickets.
Tableau Community

In the Tableau Community you can: 

Note: You can browse without joining.

Tableau Public Gallery

The Tableau Public Gallery is great for inspiration. Browse or search visualizations by keyword. See something you like? You can download a visualization and take a peek under the hood to see how it was accomplished.

NoteTableau Public is a free product. Visualizations (and underlying data) are published to the Tableau Public Server to be available in the gallery for the world to see and enjoy.

Calculation Reference Library Visit the Calculation Reference Library for a list of common calculations.


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