Known Issues in Cognos Analytics

The following table lists known issues in Cognos Analytics 11.1.7.

Issue ID

External Data

In trying to connect to an external data source, after selecting the Excel file, the OK button doesn’t respond and remains greyed out.

Workaround: Save the Excel file as .xls (from .xlsx) and then the OK button will accept the external data.



Existing Jobs fails to open with "Failed to retrieve job steps” error. This occurs when the link to an underlying report within the job step definition is broken.

Workaround: Contact the Business Intelligence Team for help if you encounter this error. 


My schedules and subscriptions

In My schedules and subscriptions, Run once only works for one report and then doesn’t respond for subsequent reports.

Workaround: Refresh the browser tab, and then use Run once again


Report authoring

When adding a data source to a report from the Data folder, the Packages folder shortcut is missing.

Workaround: Navigate to the Packages folder from the Team content icons. OR Instead of adding the data source in report authoring, on the navigation bar, click the Data folder icon, then click Packages, and then for the package you want to work with click … (More), and then select Create report.


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