Known Issues in Cognos Analytics

The following table lists known issues in Cognos Analytics 11.1.4.

FunctionalityDescriptionWorkaround Issue IDFixed  in a future release?
AlertsUsers can dismiss an alert, but it reappears when they refresh the browser or log in later. The alert will persist until a system administrator clears it for all users.


AuditNot all report runs are being logged.
AuditPackage name appears in single quotes and in previous versions it did not. This causes issues for longitudinal audit reporting.


The sender in emails sent by the user from Cognos Analytics (for example, schedules, subscriptions, or burst reports) are formatted as follows:
userID <>

Example:  jcarberr <>

Previously the sender did not include the user ID. 

If you email reports to recipients who are not Cognos Analytics users, it's a good idea to let them know about this bug. Especially if your Brown ID doesn't make it easy for the recipient to recognize you as the sender.


Framework ManagerCan't Ctrl + click and select more than 2 objects in project viewer
JobsJob step email subject is not automatically populated in 11.1.x as it was in previous versionsManually enter a subject line for your job  steps (reports).

Navigation menuOn the navigation menu, long folder names do not word wrap (for example, Help and Support Resources folder). 


My schedules and subscriptionsFor subscriptions only (not schedules) set to email, when the user chooses Run once, and then Run, the following error appears:

SCH-ERR-046 No recipients are defined: email

  1. Click Run once, and then under Advanced, click Delivery.
  2. In the To field, type your email address.
  3. Click Done, and then click Run.

New saved versions of subscriptions do not trigger the notification bell to illuminate red, even though a new notification appears in the list.

When you click the notification bell, notifications appear in the drop-down list.Pending

Saving a new Query Studio query does not populate the Recent list. However, opening an existing query does populate the Recent list. 

N/Ano fix planned
ReportingCopy and paste a query (or other assets) to a blank report results in a routing rule error.Add the package to the new report first before pasting content from another report.PH22148
Report ViewsSpecial characters in name of report view (such as an en dash) sent by email cause unreadable attachment.Rename report view to remove offending characters. 

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