Jabber Frequently Asked Questions

For an overview of Jabber, please see this article: Get Started with Jabber. If you still have questions after reading our documentation, please contact the IT Service Center.

How do I get Jabber?

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Why am I getting a "username or password is incorrect" error when I try to sign in?

You are probably not eligble to use Jabber. You must have received a new Cisco desk phone.

Is there documentation for Jabber?

Yes. See our article Install and Use Jabber on a Mobile Device
The following Jabber end user guides are also available from the vendor:

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How do I get Jabber on my mobile device?

See our article Install and Use Jabber on a Mobile Device

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Is there any cost associated with a Jabber account?


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Are all Jabber features included in my account?

By default, all accounts have local calling, basic IM (encrypted chat) and presence (the ability to see if someone is available) capabilities. Any additional features can be requested by contacting the IT Service Center.

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Will Jabber work the same on different platforms and devices?

Many Jabber features work across platforms. However, there are minor differences between Mac and Windows clients.

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Does Jabber work on a Virtual Machine (VM)?

Yes. In order for Cisco Jabber to register the VM, "Networking" must be set to "Bridged." Cisco Jabber does not work when the VM network is set to "NAT." If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Center.

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The phone number associated with my Jabber is incorrect. How do I correct it?

Directory listing information from Brown’s Active Directory is synced nightly with Jabber. If your telephone number is incorrect, please submit a request to the IT Service Center.

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When I use Jabber to place phone calls on a computer, should I use a headset?

Yes, in order to experience the best sound quality and minimize interference, we recommend you use a headset, especially if it is connected to your Jabber device via Bluetooth.

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Can I connect to users at other universities via Jabber?

Yes, you can connect to anyone who is using Jabber. Simply enter the user’s email address (e.g. john.doe@cisco.com, jane.doe@harvard.edu). If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Center.

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I have multiple Bluetooth devices paired with my Jabber device. How do I set my preference?

For Windows: In the Jabber client, select File > Options > Audio.  Click to select your preferred device. To list your audio devices in order of preference, click Advanced.

For Mac: Select Jabber > Preferences > Audio/Video. After the device is recognized, select the desired device from the list.

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Some of my Jabber features don't seem to be working right. How can I troubleshoot?

You can check the connection status for many of Jabber’s features.

For Windows: In the client, select the Menu icon, then Help > Show connection status.  

For Mac: Select Help > Show Connection Status. The server connection status window opens.

  • Connected—Feature is enabled and connected properly

  • Connecting—Feature is making a connection attempt

  • Disconnected—Feature is enabled but is not connected. You may not be connected to the network, or a server may be down.

  • Error—Feature is not currently enabled or connected. You may have entered an incorrect password. Try logging off and logging in again.

  • Unknown—Feature status is unknown; contact your Service Desk to verify your account settings.

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Can Jabber communicate with Cisco telepresence (aka Movi)

Yes. Jabber will actually replace the Movi telepresence video client soon. You can call all of the telepresence units at Brown and beyond from your Jabber client. Provide the IP address and DNS name for the telepresence location you wish to reach. If you cannot reach a location or need help, contact the IT Service Center.

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