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Inviting Non-Brown Users to UFunds

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As a rule, UFunds is restricted to the Brown community. There are two exceptions to this. First, grant periods may be set up to allow recommendations from non-Brown users. This requires no extra action to enable. Second, grant periods may be set up to allow non-Brown applications. In order for a non-Brown user to submit an application, they will need to be invited to use UFunds.

Because available grants are only visible once a user has logged in, non-Brown users will not be able to discover opportunities in UFunds. Making such users aware of your opportunities will require outreach through other means.

The Invitation Workflow

  1. Any potential non-Brown users will first need to contact an approver for the grant period. This gives approvers a chance to verify that the user is an appropriate applicant.
  2. If the user is deemed appropriate, the next step is for the approver to collect their first name, last name, and Google email account. Only users with a valid Google account can be given access to UFunds.
  3. Once the name and email are known, the approver will go to Approve > Invitations and click New Invitation. Enter the name, email, any relevant notes, and click Save.
  4. UFunds will send an invitation email to the user with a special link. Once the user clicks on that and successfully authenticates with Google, they will be able to apply to your grant period.
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