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Instructions for teaching in Registrar-controlled spaces with microphones - Knowledgebase / Teaching Learning and Research - OIT Service Center

Instructions for teaching in Registrar-controlled spaces with microphones

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The acoustics and the dimension of the following spaces necessitate you wear a microphone or speak using the podium microphone for your students to hear you. Your students asking questions will also need a microphone, especially if you are going to have any remote students attending your course. Media Services provides all microphones, one for you and others for your students present in class:

  • Barus & Holley, Room 166
  • Barus & Holley, Room 168
  • Biomed, Room 202
  • Biomed, Room 291
  • CIT, Room 165
  • 85 Waterman Street, Rom 130
  • 85 Waterman Street, Room 015
  • List Art Building, Room 120
  • Macmillan Hall, Room 117 (Starr Auditorium)
  • Metcalf Research Building, Friedman Auditorium (101)
  • Salomon Center, Room 101 (De Ciccio Family Auditorium)
  • Salomon Center, Room 001
  • Smith-Buonanno, Room 106
  • Sidney Frank Hall Room 220 (Marcuvitz Auditorium)
  • Stephen Robert Hall, Room 101

The spaces below are smaller and  have only a  podium or wireless lavalier microphone for the instructor.

  • Friedman Hall, room 102 (Zoom Ready)
  • Friedman Hall, room 108 (Zoom  Ready)
  • List Art Building, room 110  (Zoom  Ready)
  • RI Hall 108  (Zoom  Ready)

We understand you may be concerned about sharing microphones with other faculty who teach in your space. We would like to reassure you that 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes are present in your space; please use them to disinfect your microphone at the start and end of class. 

If you prefer, you may choose to bring your own microphone or windscreen. We recommend you pick one of the following 3 options:

  • Windscreen:  You can apply it on the existing microphone after wiping it. At the end of teaching you can wipe your windscreen and put it away. It is then reusable.

  • Lavalier microphone: You need to disconnect the existing piece from the bodypack and connect yours.

  • Ear set microphone: Same as above: You need to disconnect the existing piece from the bodypack and connect yours.

You or your department can purchase directly from BHPhoto. The Brown bookstore will soon carry these same items. It is important you buy only the models we recommend to ensure they work with the technology already present in the space.

If you would like to review your space and do a test run, please schedule a Classroom Orientation with us. In case we do not manage to see you before your first class, please request we assist you with setting up  using the same form. We will arrive  10 minutes before your class start time, or earlier if there is a time buffer, to assist you.

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