Install and Use Jabber on a Mobile Device

With Jabber, you can bring your Brown phone number with you, even if you're away from your desk! Jabber is a unified communications application for Windows, Mac OS X, and mobile devices. It'll let you make and receive phone calls*, conduct encrypted chats to others who are logged into the system, and search the Brown directory.


Faculty and staff must be in a building marked as completed on our phone upgrade schedule.


Install Jabber on a Mobile Device

  1. Request a Jabber account. (You only need to do this once, as long as you select all devices you plan to use.)
  2. After your receive a confirmation that your account has been created, download and install the "Cisco Jabber" app from one of the following links:
    Apple store (iPhone / iPad)
    Google Play store (Android)
  3. Enter your Brown email address and click Continue
  4. When prompted, enter your Brown username and password.

We recommend keeping the Automatic Sign On option ON because signing in can be slow. Whenever you want to avoid getting Jabber calls on your mobile device, you can just quit the app. Instructions: iPhone | Android


Use Jabber on a Mobile Device

Jabber Guides

The Basics

After logging in, you will see your Contacts tab. Here, you can save contacts you interact with frequently. You can quickly see if they are available (logged into the system) and just tap their name to interact.

The icon on the top left (four lines) allows you to access the menu. If you have notifications such as voice mail, a number will display on this icon.

Control Your Availability

In order to receive calls on your mobile device, you need to have the app running and be logged into it. Here are some tips:

  • We recommend using the "stay signed in" setting for your convenience.
  • If you turn your phone off and on again, you must re-open the Jabber app and sign in to receive calls.
  • If you don't want to be disturbed on your mobile device, we recommend swiping the app closed instead of signing out. If the app is not actively running, you will not receive calls on the device.
  • If you set your status to "Do Not Disturb" in the app, your desk phone will not ring either.

Make a Phone Call

  1. Access the keyapd by clicking the menu icon and choosing Keypad.
  2. Dial the number you would like to call. Dialing works the same as on your Brown phone, except that you do not need to dial an 8 first. You can dial Brown extensions like 3-5555 as you would on Brown phones.

Manage Voicemail

  1. Access your Voicemail by clicking the menu icon and choosing Voice Messages. You will see a list of messages with caller name, date, and duration.
  2. To play a voice message, or call a contact back, tap on one of these messages.
  3. Tap on the > icon on the right of the message to see more options, including the option to Delete the message.

Add a person to your Contact list

  1. Open your Contacts tab and tap the Add icon for iPhone or the Search icon for Android.
  2. Type the name, username or email address of the person you wish to add to your contact list.
  3. When you have found the contact, select the name and the group you wish to add them to. To add them to your Favorites list toggle the Add to Favorites switch. Then tap Done.

To add a contact to your Favorites list, Click on the > next to the contact and then click on the star in the upper right.

View Recent Calls

  1. Open the Recents tab to view all your Placed, Missed and Received calls. Use the tabs at the top of the Recents window to view All calls, or filter only your Missed calls.
  2. Tap the contact to call back directly, or the arrow to view additional details for the call.

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