Information about Prospective Students

Starting one week before the first day of classes and ending two weeks after the first day of classes students that have shown an interest in a course by placing it in their primary shopping cart in Courses@Brown,, are considered “prospective students."

  • Prospective students have yet to register for the class and do not show up in the actual class list page in self-service Banner (SSB).
  • Prospective students are displayed in Canvas in the people tool.
  • Prospective students will be able to participate as a student in their published Canvas courses. 
  • Prospective students can receive email using the email lists made available on the class list page in self-service Banner (SSB).
  • At the end of this time period prospective students will be removed from courses-only registered students will have access to the Canvas course site and be included in the class email list.

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