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Include a Video on Your Digital Sign (Old System)

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Video is supported on digital signage, though the video has to be a standalone element on the sign (it cannot be included as part of an image slideshow).  You need to be a sign administrator to make this change. If you would like us to help with this, you can create a request on this site with the embed code you'd like to include, sign link, and desired placement on the sign.

  1. Log in at and navigate to your sign
  2. Select Customize Display
  3. Select Content
  4. Find the section of the screen corresponding to the area you'd like to add the video. For example, if you have a sign with a right sidebar and would like it in the sidebar, you would choose "Right Column"
  5. Select the gear on the top left of that section and select Add Content.
  6. Do not select the video widget - instead, select New Custom Content
  7. The Administrative Title is for your own benefit - so you can easily identify what you have added. For example, it could be something like "Intro Video"
  8. In the Body area, include your YouTube embed code. 
  9. Typically, people will want the video to autoplay, loop, and not display the player controls. To do this, include ?controls=0&autoplay=1&loop=1 at the end of your YouTube link as seen in the screenshot below. You may also have to play with the width and height to get the video size right on your screen.
  10. Click Finish and Save the layout. Now you can wait for your screen to refresh or manually turn the Chromebox off and on again if it's easily accessible.
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