Import Content from Another Canvas Course

Why use the Course Import?

Canvas enables you to Import content from one Canvas course to another when you want to use or repurpose previously created content, including Course settings, Syllabus, Assignments, Modules, Files, Pages, and Discussions.

When Importing, you can also adust the dates of Events and Assigments to match the course you Importing into.

Note: Draft State settings are retained in course imports. If an assignment is unpublished in a course, the assignment will also be unpublished in the content import.

Import Process

    1. Select the course you would like to import the content into (i.e. a new course site)
    2. Click Settings on the Course Navigation menu
    3. Click Import Course Content on the right side of the page
    4. In the Content Type menu, select Copy a Canvas Course.
    5. Locate the course you want to copy content from by typing the name of the course
    6. Click to select the desired course when it appears
    7. Choose what you want to copy
      1. Select All content if you want to import everything from the previous course
      2. Choose Select specific content if you only want select elements from a previous course
    8. Select Adjust events and due dates to adjust the dates associated with course events and assignments (recommended for courses using Calendar Events and Assignments). You can choose to Remove dates, if you'd like to set them up manually later, or you can have the system Shift the dates to match the current semester. If you choose to Shift dates:
      1. In the Beginning date box, select or enter the original start date of the course you are importing. 
      2. Enter the new date on which you want the course to begin in the change to date box in the same row. We recommend the first official day of class.
      3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the Ending date boxes to adjust the course's ending date.
    9. Define day substitutions to change class schedules (eg. move all assignments on Mondays to Tuesdays). To create a date substitution, click + Substitution. Use the Move from menus to select the days of the week and add as many substitutions as needed.
    10. Click Import.

Import Progress - View Current Jobs

After you have clicked Import, the Current Jobs menu displays courses that are being imported. Statuses include pre-processing, queued, running, completed, and failed.

The Running status bar displays the time remaining on your Import.

  • If you selected "All Content" you should see this status, followed by Completed, soon after.
  • If you chose the "Select specific content" option, Canvas will ask you to select the content you want to Import. Click Select Content to the right of "Waiting for Selection" in the Current Jobs section.

  1. When you click Select Content, a window will appear with a list of Canvas tools
  2. Select the box next to the tool to import all the elements of that tool or click the arrow to expose the individual elements of that tool for selection
  3. Click Select Content after you have made your selections
When your Import is complete, you will see the Completed status.







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