How to Update SAS 9.4 License

First download the correct license needed from here.

Save the file to your desktop and follow the instructions below


To renew the SAS license file for SAS 9.4, do the following:

    1. Close SAS.
    2. Select Start ► Programs ► SAS ► Utilities ► Renew SAS Software.
    3. Right-click Renew SAS Software and select Run As Administrator. If a User Access Control dialog box appears, click Allow. Otherwise, proceed to step 4.
    4. Browse to the SAS installation data (SID) file on your machine. Select the file and click Open.


       The SID filename is in the format SAS94_






      .txt, where 


       is the unique order number for your site, 


       is your 8-digit SAS TS site number, and 


       is the valid operating system for the SID file. If you do not have the SID file, see the section "Obtaining a SID File," below. 

    1. Click Next.
    2. Verify the operating system and SAS products and then click OK.
    3. Click Renew.

If the license renewal is successful, the following message is displayed:


The setinit was successfully applied.


If it is not successful, the message indicates so and displays the location of the setinit.log file. Review the setinit.log file in a text editor to check for errors.

Obtaining a SID File

To obtain a SID file, contact your SAS installation representative. To determine the SAS installation representative who is responsible for your site, navigate to SAS Support Personnel at Your Site.

Make sure that you have your SAS site number and company name. This information is displayed at the top of the SAS log window when you first start SAS.

Alternatively, contact the personnel at your company who are responsible for SAS installations.

Operating System and Release Information


Product Family Product System Product Release SAS Release
Reported Fixed* Reported Fixed*
SAS System Base SAS Microsoft® Windows® for x64 9.4   9.4 TS1M0  
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 for x64 9.4   9.4 TS1M0  
Windows 7 Enterprise x64 9.4   9.4 TS1M0  
Windows 7 Professional x64 9.4   9.4 TS1M0  
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 9.4   9.4 TS1M0  
Windows Vista for x64 9.4   9.4 TS1M0

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