How to Recover from Bitlocker Recovery Screen using Self-Service

The Bitlocker recovery screen will be presented when there is a significant change within the BIOS or the hard drive has been removed from the computer and used on a different computer.    This screen will provide you with a recovery key to unlock the drive.


Brown uses a Self-Service portal for end-users to recovery their computer on their own.


Booting the altered computer you will receive the following screen:


*NOTE:  The recovery screen will only stay on the computer for 1 minutes when there is no activity, then the computer will shut off on it’s own.





  1. Note the number listed next to “Recovery key ID:” 
  2. Browse to:
    1. Note: If you are attempting to access the BitLocker Self Service tool from off-campus, please first connect to the Brown VPN.
  3. Accept notice check box on the bottom of the screen



4.  You will be prompted to login using your Brown AD credentials


5.  Once successfully logged in you will be presented with the below screen:

6.  Retrieve “Recovery Key ID” from step 1


7.  Enter “Recovery Key ID” within the bitlocker portal (using all characters including dashes)






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