How to Import a Template from Canvas Commons

To import a template (SUMMER ONLINE 7-WEEK, PRE-COLLEGE ONLINE, or template of your choice)  into your course, go to Canvas Commons. This is found both in the left-hand main navigation sidebar, as well as on the right-hand side of your course, under Course Status.

Once you have selected Commons, search for the template. Into the search field, type in the name of the template (for example, SUMMER ONLINE 7-WEEK or PRE-COLLEGE ONLINE).

Once you have located the template, click on it, and then select the “Import/Download” option on the right-hand side. 

Then select the course you will be teaching. 

Scroll down and select “Import into Course.”

You should receive the following message:

You are now ready to go into your course and customize the template.

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