Gradescope Overview

Gradescope is an assignment submission, grading, and analytics platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and a logical UI workflow to make grading more efficient and standardized. It is a stand-alone tool that can integrate with Canvas to pull course rosters and push grades to the Canvas Gradebook. Below we have collected links to pertinent Gradescope resources.

For a consultation to get started with Gradescope, please contact

For technical support, please contact

For Instructors:

Note: To connect Gradescope to you Canvas course, visit your current Canvas course site, click the course settings and go to the "navigation" tab, and enable the Gradescope tool. If this tool is not available, please contact

For Students:

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Gradescope in courses


  • No more paper submissions: Students can scan and upload handwritten assignments directly to Gradescope.
  • AI Grouping: Gradescope can attempt to group student answers for certain answer types (multiple choice, math, and short answer). Once answers are groups, graders need only grade on submission per group rather than every student. 
  • Dynamic rubrics: Grading rubrics are created as part of the grading process. These rubrics are shared across all graders. Any updates to the rubric will apply to all submissions. 
  • Easily handle regrade requests: Instructors can allow student to request regrades for specific questions. This ability can be toggled on or off.
  • Grade by question rather than student: The gradescope user interface presents student work by question rather than by student. This means that graders will grade one (or more) question(s) across the entire class instead of all questions for a subset of students.
  • Posting grades: Instructors can release grades to students with one click. Grades can also be posted to Canvas.


  • Double assignment creation: While Gradescope can post scores to Canvas, the software requires instructors to create assignments in both Gradescope and Canvas. 
  • AI and assignment limitations: to receive the full benefit from Gradescope's AI, assignments but be constructed with a fixed template. If students's submissions do not match the layout of the original instructor template, the AI will fail. Nonetheless, Gradescope still provides other benefits aside from AI grouping. 

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