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Gradescope Overview

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Gradescope is an assignment submission, grading, and analytics platform that leverages AI and a logical UI workflow to make grading more efficient and standardized. It is a stand-alone tool that can also integrate with Canvas to synchronize course rosters and push grades to the Canvas Gradebook. Below we have collected links to pertinent Gradescope resources for instructors, TAs, and students. Configuration instructions follow in the last section.

For a discussion of the pedagogical value of this tool, and comparisons with other assessment tools, please see the DLD page on Remote Exams. For a consultation to get started with Gradescope, please contact

For technical support, please contact


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Setup Instructions (Instructors/TAs)

Use Gradescope for exams or assignments students submit remotely as well as exams taken in the classroom and scanned.  Gradescope can process handwritten and typed document submissions. 

To use Gradescope for student-submitted exams (such as for remote or online courses), instructors should follow the steps below. Note that only instructors (not TAs or UGTAs) can link a Gradescope course to a Canvas course or synchronize the rosters. 

  1. Visit and log in using email only and  single sign-on (SSO).
  2. Create a new Gradescope course if you haven't already done this. 
  3. Connect Gradescope and Canvas. (See the video instructions from Gradescope). 
    1. Only Instructors (not TAs, UGTAs) can link the Gradescope and Canvas courses.
    2. Instructors can activate Gradescope (add it to the Canvas course navigation menu) by enabling it in Settings > Navigation > Gradescope. 
  4. Sync your Canvas and Gradescope course rosters by clicking on the Roster menu item in your Gradescope course. Then click on the Sync Canvas Roster button on the bottom. (Instructors only.)
    1. Students or others added to a Canvas course in the Observer role will not be included in the roster sync.
  5. Create a new assignment in Gradescope for each exam.
    1. You cannot assign a Gradescope assignment to a subset of students in the roster, but you could create several versions of an assignment or exam if students know which one to do.

  6. Select assignment type. 
  7. Upload a blank pdf version of the exam as the template.
  8. Change the default setting from Instructor Upload to Student Upload.
  9. Set a release and due date that matches the exam window.  Students will not be able to see the assignment/exam in Gradescope before the release date. 
  10. If you expect students to type their exam into a digital document, you must select “variable length” submission type. 
    1. Variable-length submissions prompt students to indicate on which pages their answers to each question can be found. 
  11. On the next page, add the correct number of questions to the outline and be sure to attribute the correct number of points for each question.
  12. Once these steps are complete, instructors will need to create a corresponding assignment in Canvas so the assignment/exam grade can be passed from Gradescope to the Canvas Gradebook.
    1. This assignment should contain release and due dates that match the exam schedule.
    2. The assignment should be set to an “external tool” submission type, and have Gradescope selected as the external tool option.
    3. Gradescope will pass to Canvas points earned on the exam as configured in the Gradescope assignment, regardless of points possible in the corresponding Canvas assignment, though these should match.
  13. If an instructor or TA would like to get the student's view of the Gradescope course, they can add their non-Brown email (e.g., to the roster.  Use a different browser when logged in as this test student. In the Gradescope Roster, click on the Add Students or Staff + button and add your personal email. Note that this user will be removed if the roster is resynced with Canvas.

For new Gradescope users, this setup can be somewhat complicated. For assistance, please email to arrange a consultation. 

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