Google Prompt

Google Prompt is a software for two-step verification with your Google account.


Your phone must meet the following requirements to be compatible:

Android: Phones with updated Google Play Services App

Apple: Iphone 5s and above with Touch ID and the Google App


Set up:

  1. On your computer go to the Sign in Security Section. Log in to your google account.

  2. Go to Two Step Verification and a message should appear saying “Tired of typing verification codes?” Add google Prompt. Click on “Add Google Prompt”. Note: Two step verification for your google account must be set up already. Instructions below. If you have two step setup skip to page 3.

    1. Setting up Two Step Verification for your google account:

    2. Go to Sign in Security Section

    3. Scroll down to 2-Step Verification and click on 2-step verification

    4. Log into your Google account and follow the on screen instructions to set up 2-Step Verification

  3. Click on Get Started

    1. For Iphone: Note: These steps may not appear if you already have the google app on your phone signed in to your google account.

      1. Click Set up your iphone

      2. Follow the on screen instructions

    2. For Android:

      1. Click Set up your Android Phone

      2. Follow on screen instructions

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