Get Started with Qualtrics at Brown

How to Access Qualtrics
To access Qualtrics, visit and log in with your Brown username and password.
If it is the first time you are logging in, you will be asked whether you already have a Qualtrics account. If you do not, choose “I don’t have a Qualtrics account.”

If you already have a Qualtrics account which you set up before Brown purchased an enterprise license, you can import your existing data by selecting “I already have a Qualtrics account.” If you do so, you will access your data in the future by logging in at with your Brown username and password.


How to Use Qualtrics
Qualtrics has very thorough and clear documentation on how to use its survey tool. Visit to access documentation and online training.

Logging Out: Like many other services set up with single sign on, Qualtrics’ Logout functionality does not work as expected in Qualtrics at Brown. To effectively “log out”, you must completely quit your browser.

Policies Related to the Use of Qualtrics
Brown Qualtrics accounts are intended only for use related to your role at Brown as student, staff, or faculty. It is governed by all Brown policies, but the following are especially pertinent to its functionality:

Please note that Brown will not load or provide any email lists (e.g, all students, subsets of students) into Qualtrics because requests for that type of data and bulk emails require the approval and support of a senior University administrator.


Starting November 21st, Qualtrics will require a web browser that supports TLS 1.2.

The TLS 1.2 requirement will affect respondents as well as creators of surveys.  If a respondent opens a survey and has a non-compliant browser, they will get a message asking them to upgrade their browser to use the application.

The latest version of all major browsers support TLS 1.2. Please make sure your browser is up to date. If you'd like to be sure you'll be able to use Qualtrics after the 21st, the following link will check your browser and let you know if it supports TLS 1.2.

(See the first section - "protocol support")

This change will keep our use of Qualtrics more secure. For more about this change, see Qualtrics' support page Qualtrics Transport Layer Security (TLS) Upgrades.

If you use the Qualtrics API or Offline App, please ensure your API client or device is updated and configured to use TLS 1.2. 

If you have problems accessing Qualtrics with your Brown username and password, contact the IT Service Center.
If you have questions about using Qualtrics, technical issues with the tool, or feature requests, click the Support and Feedback link on the top right when you are logged into Qualtrics. You can also call 800-340-9194 or email

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