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Get Started with Microsoft OneDrive for Students

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Brown provides a Microsoft OneDrive account to students as a location where personal files can be stored. Your OneDrive account provides a terabyte of personal cloud storage, and helps you keep files accessible from anywhere.

You can connect to your Brown Microsoft OneDrive via the web at, using your Brown username and password.

1. Go to

2. Provide your Brown Username and password in Microsoft format: (e.g.,

3. Complete the 2-factor login to access your OneDrive account via the web. 

The web view gives you the ability to upload and download files and store them safely in Microsoft's cloud. You'll have access to the OneDrive account as long as you're an active student. Upon graduation, you'll be able to transition to a paid Microsoft account.

OneDrive integration with MyApps

Your OneDrive account is an integral part of the MyApps virtual desktop service. The "Desktop", "Documents", and "Pictures" folders in OneDrive are mounted automatically inside the MyApps virtual computer, so you can easily use these folders for storage in the virtual system. If you need to access files in MyApps, just move or copy them from your own computer to your Brown OneDrive.

Installing the full OneDrive Client

You can also view and change your OneDrive files from your own computer by installing the OneDrive Client for Mac or OneDrive Client for Windows. If you're running Windows 11, the client is already installed. 

Once you authenticate to the OneDrive Client (using as your account name), you'll be able to natively view, modify, and save your OneDrive files directly from your computer. You'll keep your OneDrive account until you graduate, and can then move files elsewhere or convert to a paid Microsoft account.

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